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Henan Jiaxian inaugurated the establishment of "book" Su

2009/07/09 | admin Publish | Scan 8843 Times

On June 26th morning nine when, in a salute and the sound of music, in Book ceremony art and the famous calligraphy and painting exhibition opening ceremony was held in Henan, Jiaxian, from all over the world, painting and four team leaders a total of more than 300 people attended the ceremony. Pingdingshan municipal Party committee secretary Zhao Qinglin readily wrote an inscription for he. CPPCC painting 31 painting and calligraphy unit sent a congratulatory telegram. China Shuxie vice president Nie Chengwen and over 160 other famous works of calligraphy and painting in the exhibition hall. Traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy art into a widely influential upsurge in Yuxi city.

Jiaxian is located in central Henan West, a total area of 737 square kilometers, jurisdiction over 8 towns, 6 townships, 570000 of the population. Jiaxian has a long history, Zhou Kang said "clip", the spring and Autumn period, the Qin Dynasty name Town, Jiaxian. The famous ancient Han Primary and St Zhang Liang, Han Qianqiu, Han Han's longevity, yao ji, Zang palace, the Tang Dynasty is about sun, general Sun Quan, Ma Sui, the famous scholars, imperial master Li Xiyan, Ming Dynasty writer, calligrapher Liu Fei, king of Wang Shangjiong, Prince of poets in Qing Dynasty with the rail, Liu Shaoji was hailed as a "China's second major writer" accelerated literacy founder Qi Jianhua.

Jiaxian profound cultural heritage. There are a lot of Yangshao, Longshan culture and Pei Ligang culture sites, is the cradle of Chinese civilization. The national AAA level scenic spot in the garden is a well-known writer and his son gathered there to Su Xun, Su Shi, Su Zhesan, the preservation of cash in clay image best. Jiaxian Confucious'temple is one of the best preserved County National Confucious' temple, and Su Mausoleum as a national key cultural relics protection units. In the top of Lotus Hill is known as "the world three top" of the holy land of taoism. Linfeng village is the Central Plains region by the Ming and Qing Dynasties the ancient village. The park is the birthplace of the national knowledge of sent-down youth to the countryside.

In recent years, Jiaxian actively implement the "industrial Xingxian" and open to drive the strategy, the rapid development of county economy and various social undertakings, has been provincial Party committee, the provincial government awarded the "province's county economic development ten county", "provincial health city", "the province's Forestry Ecological County" and so on. In 2009, Henan province have been identified as 14 "province governing county".

Jiaxian to accelerate the economic development at the same time, attaches great importance to cultural development. Always take the cultural development as Jiaxian improve visibility, improve the important content of the image of Jiaxian. Su culture is a typical representative among them. Has successfully held the seminar to commemorate the 900 anniversary, Su Dongpo was buried, and their cultural Su clan association activities, continue to strengthen and the Su Memorial cultural exchange, cultural exchanges to promote economic cooperation, the realization of economic culture communion and mutual promotion.

In painting and calligraphy is in thirty years of reform and opening up in China, the economic development and social undertakings, cultural and artistic prosperity in the background, in the Jiaxian economy into the fast lane, the birth of culture and all-round social progress situation, is of great significance. Economic development, social progress, culture is the intrinsic motivation. Jiaxian has a long history, has a profound cultural accumulation, has a rich cultural resources, scientific and rational, fully excavate, protect and make good use of these cultural resources, related to the long-term development of Jiaxian. Based on this common understanding, in painting and calligraphy in support of leaders at all levels and both inside and outside the province with the help of colleagues, called out. According to the book's articles of association, combined with the actual Jiaxian, Jiaxian painting and Calligraphy Institute internal Su Su Department of cultural studies, to carry out the work of the Ministry of communications, calligraphy and painting creation, appreciation and communication etc.. Calligraphy and painting works: one is with the county Party committee, government and related departments of mining comprehensively about the history and culture of Jiaxian, launched the research results, in order to offer decision-making reference; the two is to carry out various forms of cultural and artistic activities, enrich the cultural life of the people, arouse the people's positive spiritual power to be enthusiastic and press on, form boosting the core values. The three is to culture and art as a platform, the link, to carry out extensive international friendship exchanges, promote Jiaxian, support the development of county economy. The four is to develop local cultural and artistic talent, has introduced a new refined, as cultural heritage contribute.

For the three Soviet Academy of painting and calligraphy characteristic, do the results, we will solicit the adoption of high level of painting and calligraphy, opinions and suggestions of celebrity culture, while learning from different types of painting and calligraphy, learn from the successful experience, the continuous improvement of our work, and strive to make the book the color of new activities, make more contribution to the development of the Jiaxian economic and cultural undertakings. Also hope that the experts, colleagues often come to guide the work of Jiaxian, Jiaxian economic and cultural development, give advice and suggestions, help.

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