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2013 Spring Festival Golden Week travel number will break through 200000000 person-time first

2013/02/19 | admin Publish | Scan 7607 Times

The national jiariban prediction, in 2013 China's Spring Festival Golden Week travel number will be the first to break through 200000000 person-time, achieve 211000000 person-time, grow 20% compared to the same period.

From January 24th 2013 held the Spring Festival holiday tourism coordination meeting was informed that on liaison meetings, highway free policy announced in advance and scenic spot price and preferential measures to further stimulate the residents tourism consumption will.

According to the forecast, this year the Spring Festival Golden Week, China the number of travel is expected to break through 200000000 person-time first, achieve 211000000 person-time, grow 20% compared to the same period; implementation travel income 126700000000 yuan, grow 25% compared to the same period.

The national jiariban executive director Wu Wenxue said, although the positive and optimistic expectations on the Spring Festival Golden Week tourism market, but the domestic market is still faced with many traditional and non-traditional factors challenge. Such as hot scenic capacity overload, the destination of traffic congestion, a return ticket to buy, the area, the traffic and security is facing unprecedented pressure; the market order and the quality of service is facing more challenges.

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