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Provincial Tourism Bureau and tourism industry province NPC and CPPCC representatives to discuss dev

2013/02/19 | admin Publish | Scan 8399 Times

In January 26th, the Provincial Tourism Bureau invited the tourism industry of the province part of the provincial people's Congress and the CPPCC National Committee held a forum, to discuss the Henan tourism development, and to seek the views and suggestions on the development of tourism in our province, the deputies and members. Provincial Tourism Bureau Fan Xiufang, deputy director Li Yabai, Ni relaxation state and relevant departments attended the meeting.

Director Fan Xiufang introduced the development situation of tourism industry in our province to the provincial people's Congress and CPPCC members. He said, in recent years, the provincial Party committee, provincial people's Congress, the provincial government, the provincial CPPCC attaches great importance to and fellow deputies, CPPCC members of the concern and support, Henan tourism industry has been developing rapidly. In 2012 the province's tourism system to implement the "seven promotion plan", the tourism development continue to maintain the good trend, a good situation, good momentum. The annual tourists of 363000000 passengers, total tourism revenue reached 336410000000 yuan, year-on-year growth of 18.07%, 20.06%, respectively, higher than the national average of 8 percentage points and 6 percentage points; the reception 1907700 passengers inbound tourists, tourism earned 611000000 dollars, year-on-year growth of 13.36%, 11.36%, higher than the national average of 14 percentage points and 11 percentage points respectively, make a positive contribution to promote the province's economic and social development and the construction of economic zone of china. He pointed out that, governor Guo Gengmao has repeatedly expressed on Tourism in 2013 government work report, in the report: the implementation of tourism projects, build a batch of tourism cluster, resort; speed up the construction of world renowned, the domestic first-class tourist destination; the construction of beauty in modern service industry; promote open, and strive in the financial insurance, trade logistics, cultural tourism and other fields to achieve new breakthroughs and so on, pointed out the direction for the development of the tourism industry in the next period, put forward specific work requirements. Thoroughly implement the provincial NPC and CPPCC spirit to the province's tourism system, with the scientific development as the theme, with the transformation and upgrading as the main line, to the "Central Plains Economic Area Planning" and "Henan province" 1025 "planning" for the development of tourism industry, informationization, standardization as guidance, adhere to grasp the brand to promote integration, efforts to promote growth, catch market promoting consumption, grasping standard of norms, catch team of image, and promote the rapid development of the tourism health, efforts to develop tourism into a strategic pillar industry of the national economy and people more satisfied with the modern service industry.

At the meeting, to participate in the tourism industry at the provincial people's Congress on behalf of Han Yueping, Xing Qingxin, Wang Yazhou, Wei friends and the provincial CPPCC members Wang Yongxing, Li Shimin, Liu Zhen have been described in recent years, the tourism industry of our province's achievements, according to the NPC and CPPCC and NPC and CPPCC report spirit communicative experience, and puts forward some opinions and suggestions on tourism industry's development in a period.


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