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Winter travel notes

2012/12/05 | admin Publish | Scan 8647 Times

The winter of three Su Park is snow fairy tale world, attracting tourists look. But the cold weather is a lot of people and step back. In fact, as long as the understanding of some winter travel notes, and plan to do! The following are some of the winter tour matters needing attention:

1, enough cold-proof clothing: northern winter weather temperature at 0 degrees Celsius, to light, comfortable clothing, sports, warm mainly. Shall prepare a down jacket, sweater, wool pants, hats, gloves, scarf, indoor and outdoor temperature difference, should be timely adjusted, enters the room to should take the clothes off!

2, the attention of anti-skid: northern winter road to swim more snow, slippery road, wearing leather boots easily slip, good biography snow shoes, shoes should be non-slip! Enclosing the cotton is better, shoe tying should be high, with the protection of the ankle function, internal insoles and shoes Mianxie, number shall be higher than normal shoes, feet in the shoes to a certain space, travel helps blood circulation!

In 3, the outdoor activity, such as a part of the body feels cold, activities must be, live blood, such as frostbite, cracked or trick without generating sensed condition, cannot be in hot water, applied science.

In 4, the winter weather is dry, cold, very easy to dry, skin care products should be oily. The weather is dry, the guests will often feel taste, every night before bed can be put in the room number of the water rose up in the morning to take a bit better!!

5, get off at the foot of each time should pay attention to whether there is water or ice, to safety first, winter road slide. Walking should be careful, knees slightly bent forward, center of gravity, so as not to fall down!! Such a fall can not injure the brain

6, reserve medicine: cold in winter, travel to the preparation of cold medicine and drugs!! The north to eat cold dishes, not used will have diarrhoea, northern dry, need to prepare some of Qingre granule.

7, strengthen the cold training before departure, and according to the destination of the cold degree, with adequate clothing and daily necessities. Clothing to establish warm barrier. The outermost clothes should be windproof, optional cloth, fur or leather clothing; jackets can be formed relatively stagnant air layer, warm and very good, winter tourism is the preferred garment, underwear should be soft, absorbent, breathable, Eli, dry insulation. To minimize skin exposure. In the snow traveling on foot, hand, face paint antifreeze ointment, and not too tight, and often the friction face and facial features, in order to increase the skin exposed part of the circulation of the blood. Winter visitors diet, protein, carbohydrate and fat three big nutrients and minerals, vitamin intake should be more than the usual as usual, not too much emphasis on limiting fat and carbohydrate intake. Lean meat, eggs, fish, soybean products, animal liver to supplement the body heat of a lot of benefits, may be appropriate to eat. On top of hunger and fatigue in cold field long time stranded. Because the human body loses heat to become weak, the most prone to systemic frostbite. Correct the wrong idea of drinking and heating. Alcohol and water can not generate heat, instead of alcohol can stimulate the body surface blood vessels, so that the blood circulation of the body surface increases, people feel " fever ", in fact in the loss of heat. Travel should be paid attention during visual protection. The snow on the sun's ultraviolet absorption and reflection is strong, when intense ultraviolet light into the traveler's eyes, occurs photochemical action, after 6 to 8 hours of incubation, the eyes will appear serious photophobia, lacrimation, foreign body sensation, or even open, there is an intense burning sensation and severe pain, medical called snow blindness. Therefore, the snow travel to wear sunglasses to prevent snow blindness. If have get snow blindness, available 0.3% tetracaine eye drops and antibiotic eye ointment or cream, with frequent eye instead.

Safety knowledge presentation:

Prevent accidental injuries

1) in the icy road when walking on Essentials: A walk don't raise the foot, a scrape and fell down! B dallied, security and stability! C hands does not insert pocket clothes, also do not give an accident, fall!

2) when not " retroaction, prevent mixing pouring accident ".

3) outdoor activities in too long, if there is a cold and feeling, it should immediately activity, accelerate the blood circulation, to prevent frostbite hands.

4) the coat to constantly put on, take off, put to put to, so the coat pocket cannot store ID, credit cards, wallet, mobile phone and other valuables and important documents, these items should be put in the pocket or travel from the vest pocket.

5) to pay hotel washing clothes into the washing bag before, to confirm whether the entrained or omission of cash, according to standard and other items.

6) often wear gloves, off, on, to unlock the scarf, easily scraping ring, necklace and earrings, therefore, should not wear expensive jewellery travel.

7) don't listen to strangers induction, to unfamiliar places of entertainment. Items at their own expense for the individual operators, to participate in please tell a good price, so as to avoid being.

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