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Summer travel tips

2012/07/12 | admin Publish | Scan 7655 Times

      In summer, people travel busy season, in tourism, should which to pay attention to the summer travel tips?

      A dress: dress, traveling first to" comfortable", such as shoe preferably not through hard shoes, especially the new shoes, to prevent grinding on bullae on stroke. To loose clothes, casual. Best to wear out a hat or the use of sun umbrella, because the summer sun, the long wave ultraviolet on human skin injury is wide, long time direct sunlight will make people feel dizzy, the skin will crack, can cause serious dermatitis.

     Two: visitors should pay attention to diet, food safety, pay attention to food hygiene, preventing" disease enters by the mouth." and not a scientific diet causes physical discomfort or illness. Especially in the coastal city of seafood products, be sure to pick fresh edible, prevent the occurrence of food poisoning. When eating seafood, and just eat seafood, not drinking ice beer, ice water, cold water, do not eat cold food, to prevent the occurrence of diarrhea and other diseases. Travel by water consumption is big, so eat soup and light food is better, it is best to eat fresh vegetables, fruits, can be properly with some meat, try to eat less fat, greasy food, lest cause indigestion. Many people in the mountain to see the springs feel cool, coupled with thirst, then three seven or twenty-one, tongtongkuaikuai drink up, but this is a bad habit. Because some of the harmful minerals exceed the standard, some local pollution is serious, after drinking is bad for the health.

     Accommodation: three, should choose light ventilation Hotel, conditional choice a four-star hotel, before going to bed, preferably a hot bath, bubble feet, if walk too much should also be rubbing feet and leg massage to enhance blood circulation, sleep is best not to open all night air, to avoid cold, the very next day be powerless.

    Four, other: summer travel without swimming in this project, the first choice of water, some water is not clean, not only for skin injury severity, can cause a number of diseases. To the beach area to participate in swimming activities, and travel agency agreed within the region or area within an area defined the best swimming, go hand in hand, have stronger ego to protect consciousness, carry the necessary protection life-saving supplies, not without water, in order to prevent drowning accidents. The sun is best not swimming in the open, sunscreen use waterproof. Finally a heads up, go out do not forget to bring some sunstroke prevention and curing diarrhea medicine.

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