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Spring travel

2012/02/16 | admin Publish | Scan 8855 Times

A year's plan in the spring, spring is the recovery of all things, flowers blooming in the day, and spring travel but also people in the busy yearning thing, either to the warmth of the Hainan Sanya, Yunnan Lijiang heaven, or the ancient fertile Jiangnan water, spring travel to note what is the matter, how to do a good job in tourism the preparation work before, maybe this blog can help you better in the spring to go traveling.

Spring travel notes: the elderly tourism

Compared with elderly people have more leisure time, a busy year parents, should also to nature, breathe the fresh air, enjoy your life, so the spring tour the proportion of older people is relatively high, but older people in physical strength and physical condition are not young, therefore in tourism is to do a good job of self health care.

The elderly spring tour matters needing attention:

A to be prepared. Spring warm suddenly suddenly cold, and sunshine and rain, climate is changeful, it must first understand the tourism destination 's weather and temperature, with enough clothes and shelter from the rain gear, to avoid cold and wet and pathogenicity.

Two to the reasonable choice of tourist sites. Old people according to their own preferences and conditions, or choose to places of historic interest and scenic beauty travel, or choice of leisure tourism. Notice do according to one's abilities, not to the excessive consumption of physical strength to climb the hill or long-distance travel.

Three is a reasonable diet and health. Travel greater physical exertion, you should take enough food, should be chosen easily, nutrition is rich, fresh health food, and should eat more fruit. Tourism inevitably eat, do not eat cold food and clean food.

Four safety first. The elderly travel to have accompanied, not go out alone, don't climb, prevent the occurrence of accidents.

Five elderly people spring tour before should do a thorough medical examination, physical examination is qualified to travel. Chronic disease in the elderly must go out to pay attention to the preparation of emergency medicine, do not interrupt the original disease treatment.

Spring travel tips, the elderly in the spring travel pay attention to foot care, such as wear soft fitting shoes, foot with hot water at night, and can self massage muscles of both legs and feet, this can make your travel regardless of walking or climbing will feel very light.

Spring travel notes: Girls travel book

Flowers bloom in spring is where the beauty of the girl, how can let go of this beautiful season, look at the peach apricot pear, you will not let me, I will not let you, are also growing flowers. Red as fire, as the Xia powder, white as snow. The sweet flowers, close eyes, on the tree as if already peaches apricots pears! Spend hundreds of bees buzzing, the size of the butterflies. Wild flowers are: miscellaneous kind, has the name, no name, scattered in the bushes, like the eyes, like stars, also blink...

Girl spring tour matters needing attention:

In 1, the spring weather is changeable, if you choose this time travel, need to prepare sufficient resistance to low temperature. If it is to the south, might as well take a nice little umbrella light.

2, if it is to be in the spring to travel south, preferably prior to confirmation by local and the rainy season is it right?. If it is, take an umbrella with you, or take a pretty handy raincoat.

3, if it is to be in the spring travel to the north, it is necessary to understand will suffer a sandstorm. If you encounter sandstorms blindfolded head, can the veil or hat; non-stick wind raincoat or other large coat clothes collar, cuffs, pay attention to fasten, hem! Trousers waist, legs do not air leakage!

In 4, a spring tour allergy, if allergic to pollen, best not to look at the flowers; if allergic to seafood, seafood don't greedy; if the insect or animal fur allergies, don't drill bush, and keep away from animal. Take the necessary desensitization medicament.

Spring travel notes end:

Spring wetness, easy to breed bacteria, to avoid drinking unboiled water and eat unhealthy food, don't sit on the ground, lest moisture pathogenic.

" Spring fever" is the common feeling, so to avoid overworked, spring tour to do, don't climb too high, too far to walk.

Spring susceptible to disease, to recommend appropriate for a number of commonly used drugs, such as berberine, avoiding temperature Dan treatment of diarrhea and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Bright spring days, it was a good time for outdoor photography. Before travel, best first check baby camera performance way, don't let the camera to damp, wasting the fear that miss the beautiful spring.

Spring travel pay attention to health care. Spring is the constantly changing weather, hot and cold alternant, pay attention to health is very important.

Spring travel tips : in order to prevent gastroenteritis or the climate does not suit one., bacterial infection, take some necessary drugs, such as aspirin, Radix Isatidis, go painful piece, AHC, quick cold capsule, the compound liquorice tablets, iodine, bandages, allergic people should also take the anti-allergic drugs, in order to prevent pollen allergy.

Spring travel tips

On the green grass, a bud just ready to burst flower in the spring warm wind bloom that beautiful face, red like fire, as the Xia powder, white as snow

, are also growing flowers. But go out tourism must pay attention to some things, only in this way, will have a beautiful colorful spring.

Pay attention to health care, constantly changing spring climate, wind rain, go spring outing will bring clothes, carries the rain gear, in order to prevent rain, cold. Hiking downhill, not the wind, to avoid the cold. Spring travel, such as in the picnic picnic, attention should be paid to water and food hygiene; don't sit in a cool, moist places, lest moisture pathogenic; picnic should pay attention to the direction of the wind, do not throw fire, fire extinguishing, so as not to cause a fire. Have allergy history person, to avoid having to spend, or prior oral chlorpheniramine or buclizine, allergy, pollen allergy prevention. Proper preparation of some commonly used medicines, such as avoiding plague berberine, Dan and treatment of diarrhea and anti-inflammatory drugs. To avoid excessive overworked, especially those with chronic disease in the elderly, spring travel will do. Don't go too far, mountain high.

Spring travel tips: for the anti flower virus

Spring flowers open, it is people go outing of the time. Foot bath sunshine, green grass, fragrance Xiren, can not let people feel feel fresh, however, spring tour outing against take poison, not because of a schedule curious and swallowed a poisonous flowers, some people in the flowers before long, will feel dizzy, sore throat symptoms. Some of the original will be releasing a harmful exhaust gas, some pollen contains poisonous alkali, long and flower with can cause chronic poisoning.

Azalea Rhododendron and azalea, in some southern mountain, one into the spring season, Man Shan times wild open red, yellow azalea. Which the Yellow azalea flower two containing tetracyclic terpene toxoid, poisoning can cause vomiting, dyspnea, quadrupedal numbness etc.

Tuberose night when photosynthesis stops, CNL will exhaust emissions, on human health is extremely detrimental, thus at night should not be in the evening primrose tufts of long ago.

Mimosa contain mimosine, contact will cause more sparse eyebrows, hair becomes yellow, serious would cause hair to fall off.

Tulip tulip flower contains poisonous alkali, people in this flower series for 2hours will feel dizzy, poisoning symptoms appear, severe cases can cause hair with.

Jia Zhutao Jia Zhutao of the stems, leaves, flowers are toxic, it secretes milky sap containing one called Jia Zhutao by toxic substances, food poisoning.

Daffodil daffodil leaves and flowers once the human body exposed to the sap, can cause skin irritation; if this juice it gets into the eyes, then the more serious consequences. The narcissus bulb containing the Latin may be toxins, after eating can cause vomiting.

Calla flower toxic, containing a large number of herbal calcium crystallization and alkaloids, eating can cause insomnia and other symptoms of poisoning with.

The whole plant is toxic in Euphorbia pulcherrima. Poinsettia in white milk if contact with skin, make the skin produces swelling and other allergic symptoms, eating stems, leaves have died of poisoning risk.

Fei Yancao plant is toxic, the seed is the most toxic, containing mainly turn alkaloids, after eating can cause nervous system poisoning, serious when can produce convulsions, and even lead to death due to respiratory failure.

Dieffenbachia mosaic contains oxalic acid and Tianmen department, after eating can cause mouth, throat, esophagus, gastrointestinal neoplasms, even hurt the vocal fold, make the person becomes dumb.

Yu Meiren toxic, particularly in the fruit is the most toxic, after eating can cause constitutive nervous system poisoning, serious or even life-threatening.

Immortal turtle plant thorn containing poison, the human body after the assassination, easy to cause skin inflammation and pain, itching and other symptoms of allergies.

Spring travel tips: to prevent a cold

Spring outing, warm suddenly cold, easy to catch a cold. In the journey to take any cold medicine?

Common cold medicine, but when used to have a very. APC is also called compound aspirin tablets, for antipyretic and analgesic drugs. Contains three ingredients: aspirin ( analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and so has the role of phenacetin ( oral ), after the decomposition of paracetamol, acetaminophen and antipyretic, analgesic action of play ) and caffeine. Aspirin induced asthma due to easy and on gastrointestinal irritation, the asthma, gastric and duodenal ulcer patients should be used with caution, to the drug allergy history person and pregnant women are disabled. The old and the weak, the temperature exceeds 40 degrees when the use, to prevent excessive sweating, lest cause collapse. Cold passes, also called compound diclofenac. By diclofenac, artificial bezoar and chlorpheniramine, alleviate headache, back pain, eliminate inflammation effect, used for cold joints ache disease. However, diclofenac can cause renal acute allergic reaction, and can lead to acute thrombocytopenia. Pediatric care in taking cold, hepatic, renal insufficiency and stomach ulcer Decoction in patients and elderly patients should also be careful with. Quick cold capsule. Containing paracetamol, artificial bezoar, chlorpheniramine with caffeine and other ingredients, with analgesic and antipyretic remove tears, nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing and other functions, suitable for cold early, not a long time use, wherein the chlorpheniramine content is higher, is easy to produce drowsiness response, motorists.

A practical and effective ingredients containing acetaminophen. They on the gastrointestinal tract stimulation of oral absorption of small, fast and completely, thus suitable for aspirin allergy or taboo. Liver, renal insufficiency were also to be used with caution. However, antipyretic and analgesic drugs can not eliminate the causes, can only alleviate the symptoms. If the medication after 3days of fever or pain 5days more than, should be in time to see a doctor.

Spring is a season in the most beautiful season, is also the best time to go traveling. When you are intoxicated with nature beautiful spring when, but beware of spring dermatitis problems. The main symptoms are: Spring dermatitis facial and hand and other exposed parts of the skin redness, miliary size of rash or mild and quiet, serious person can also appears the water blister. Why spring dermatitis? Experts think, spring dermatitis is a light sensitive skin disease, disease is the major cause of skin to sunlight in the ultraviolet allergy. A year in the four seasons, winter sun UV content was the lowest, to spring UV content increased quickly, it is difficult to adapt to people, once exposed to strong ultraviolet radiation, can cause skin damage and occurrence of dermatitis.

At the same time, the spring is out outing travel season, if not pay attention to sun protection, can aggravate or cause dermatitis. According to the determination: a crowd of about 30% people on the UV generating allergy, one of the spring body on UV sensitivity of the highest; indoor people working on UV sensitivity than outdoor working people; youth sensitivity than young children and the elderly high. Therefore, spring dermatitis easily occurred in young adults and indoor workers. " Spring dermatitis person, when spring comes, the travel time to the attention of facial protection, such as wearing a white hat or hit sunshade, wearing a protective mirror, can also use the skincare agent, to protect the skin from sun exposure. In addition, Bullacta exarata, amaranth, shepherd's purse, lettuce, purslane, hirsute wheat, figs, radish sprouts and other foods containing photosensitive material more, can improve the skin to ultraviolet sensitivity, so we should eat less. Some drugs such as sulfonamides, tetracycline, phenergan drugs such as long-term use can make skin against UV sensitivity increases, it should avoid taking long-term. If suffering from spring dermatitis, mild illness without treatment, several days will be self-healing. If the disease off heavy dose of astemizole. At the same time, local dermatitis may be coated with, such as肤轻松ointment. You should eat more fresh vegetables, fruits; fasting spicy spicy food, deactivating the inferior aromatic cosmetic moisturizer; itching or pain, should not wash with hot water, also should not use alkaline soap to clean, so as not to irritate the skin, aggravating illness.

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