Su Xun garden Memorial
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  • · Child ticket price 30 yuan
  • · Student ticket price 30 yuan
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Three SuYuan scenic spot food guide

2011/09/21 | admin Publish | Scan 9017 Times

Food Angle: breakfast, the inside is mated leek eggs and bean curd doing;

Fry: super delicious snacks if, if in a pan fry, put pepper sauce, Fried well above after still need to put on the formation of if fry with crispy Fried rice crust

Crossing the chicken: this need not much said, everyone had;

The batter from becoming noodles: plasma is very important, a sour liquid, specific how is unknown, anyhow with it made with noodles with together, put above the celery, soybean, such as peanut grain pickle, chili oil, acid, let a person have mouth very much appetite;

The paste hot soup: most name, when is the free and unfettered town the paste hot soup, many people ran pains to drink, how do I don't know, fresh taste salty, suitable for taste heavy person, and also to;

HuiMian: this is just the classic, henan wife very delicious, but the cheap, a large bowl of, very affordable, mutton soup is DuoZhong material made of, in addition to boil side still can put fans, tofu wire, wire and kelp, each time I think parsley these things than side still good, shaw remember improved stewed food is very miss our appetite;

Eggs bread: although now filling street at Beijing can be bought eggs irrigation, but the most delicious cakes or in the birthplace of henan, more specific xinyang, eat eggs is pouring the bread must eat people of xinyang, are generally do couples, female flour-rubbing, male of pancakes, with tacit understanding, now also developed put lettuce and sausage, but still like to eat the authentic

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