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Travel insurance knowledge

2011/09/09 | zhaolin Publish | Scan 8519 Times

Travel insurance knowledge

Tourism activity rich and colorful, but as an activity, to prevent unexpected and if, in travel related insurance is beneficial and harmless. Travel related insurance has the following three kinds:

1 travel passenger accident insurance. Where a long-distance bus, ferry ticket, from a pit or a half-way up (ship), to reach the end of the journey, or off the ship for the duration of the insurance. According to the occurrence of unexpected circumstances, the payment of the insurance benefits. Insurance premium according to the price of 5% calculation.

2 passenger accident insurance. During the period of cover, the insured due to accidental injury accident disabled or loss of bodily functions, in accordance with the provisions of payment, half of all or part of the insurance amount.

3 travelers insurance. Insurance for 15 days, from accommodation zero started to count, due for renewal. Once the accident according to the guests personal injury and property damage insurance. Fourteen, to use legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests

Released in October 15, 1997," travel regulations" (hereinafter called" reduction" regulations ) for strengthening the management of the tourism industry, maintaining the tourist market order, safeguard tourists and travel agency's legitimate rights and interests have important significance.

Following the" Regulations" and the interests of tourists is closely related to abstract:

1 according to the" Regulations" of twenty-first, twenty-second and twenty-third rules, the travel agency shall safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of tourists; travel agency to provide tourists tourism service information must be true and reliable, and shall not make false propaganda; travel tourism organization, shall be for the tourists for travel accident insurance, and ensure that the services provided by the in conformity with the tourists, financial security requirements, to endanger the tourist person, belongings safety issues should be offered to tourists truthful explanation and explicit warnings, and adopt measures to prevent damage; travel agency for tourists to provide travel items, in accordance with the provisions of national fees, travel to increase service the project takes cost extra, it shall obtain the permission of the tourists to provide paid services, travel agencies, should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state to the tourist service documents issued by.

2 to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests, carry out effective complaint.

According to the" Regulations" stipulates that the twenty-fourth, one of the following circumstances, give tourists the losses, tourists have the right to file a complaint with the administrative department of domestic tourism travel agency.

( 1) travel due to the fault of the contract does not meet the quality standard of;

( 2) travel service end to reach the national standard or industry standard;

( 3) travel agency bankruptcy caused by tourists travel advance fee loss.

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