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Tourism in the property security

2011/09/09 | zhaolin Publish | Scan 8183 Times

Tourism in the property security

Travelers to carry goods to less, necessary items to take, do not carry contraband.

1 prohibited articles.

( 1) aircraft band items: flammable liquids, compressed gas, corrosive liquid, flammable liquids and solids, drugs, oxidant, easy-to-polymerize material, magnetic material, radioactive substances, harmful or irritating substances and may damage the aircraft structure or has not suitable for transport of goods, firearms, swords and other similar items, animals. The relevant state laws, government regulations and orders transport process prohibit exit or transit of goods.

( 2) train, steamship band items: flammable, explosive, toxic, radioactive and other dangerous articles and government restrictions on the transport of goods, impede public health goods, animals as well as damaged goods vehicles pollution.

2 property safe.

In order to guarantee the safety of cash on the belt, recommended tourist daily with the necessary cash, put in place is easy to take, and put most of the cash in the personal safety. Not to mention others especially strangers. It can disperse risks, even if the theft can retain most of the cash. May also carry a credit card for travel. Traveler 's cheque instead of cash is also a method.

When you have valuables, do not leave valuables along with general goods on consignment, but should carry. After their stay in the hotel, do not leave valuables in the room. When traveling, can be deposited at the hotel the custody of valuables or small insurance box.

3 to guarantee the security of the property, to remind you of three words:

( 1) collection of small to large count.

( 2) to keep an inventory is not.

( 3 ) leave did not forget to look back.

Emergency treatment of 4 property loss.

( 1) the ID card is lost : by the local travel agency after verification certificates, losing to prove that the local public security organ with loss, after verification issued identity, airport, security personnel will approve the release.

( 2): property loss, property loss to guide or team leader for help, tell them items lost in shape, characteristic, value, memory loss may place and time, actively cooperate with the guide's personnel find.

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