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Tourism safety knowledge Daquan travel required

2011/09/09 | zhaolin Publish | Scan 8497 Times

Tourism in the personal safety matters needing attention:
Personal safety threat mainly from two aspects : human and natural environment. The human factors can be divided into tourists ' own factor and other factors.
In 1, the safety problems caused by human factors.
( 1) adventure, quest. Such as adventure, exploring the accident occurred in young tourists. So when you decided to go before you had to consider equipment facilities, body condition, do not use life at the cost of.
( 2) lost in the tourism. The tourists lost occurs commonly in sightseeing or free activities. The tour guide tourists should pay attention to daily bulletin day schedule of travel, tour meal point name and address, in each of the arrival time and sojourn time. On the go free, please inform the leader guides or where you are going, when to come back, to bring the best hotel logo, write down the hotel 's address and telephone number, so that in case of lost can and hotel and tour guide association.
( 3) occurrence of security incidents. Now in the society all sorts of harassment, theft, robbery, fraud, violence still exist, therefore the necessary ideological preparation and prevention measures should have.
( 4) fire accident. In order to prevent the occurrence of fire, travelers should pay attention to the following points:
In the room after smoking a cigarette, will, not everywhere. Because the hotel ground for carpet, easily burning.
Use of in-room appliances to science, not to cause fire electrical burn.
Don't bring a higher wattage appliance, so as not to exceed the entire hotel voltage load after fires.
To the hotel after doing some deal with the fire preparation, such as familiar with the floor exit, exit and stair; careful reading room door circuit diagram.
When encountering fire, pay attention to the following points:
Be calm, do not jump, as a guide to aid, to coincide with the tour guide, under unified command.
Don't take the lift, safe stairs to go.
The fire and smoke, such as being surrounded by walls, wall, can face close to or use a wet towel to cover your face along the wall climb out, or open an combustion on one side of the window.
Like fire and smoke under siege, and the bathroom has not been spread, can be considered staying in the bathroom, with a wet towel to cover your mouth and nose are waiting for help.
See ambulance personnel, want to scream or shout shake the colorful clothes, rescue workers must obey orders.
2, natural factors brought issue.
( 1) poisoning. Hand to prevent food poisoning, eat the rotting and unclean food, drinking contaminated water can cause poisoning; on the other hand is in the nature of tourism, many plants are poisonous, particularly to the south of the tropical forest to travel more attention should be paid to the human body against toxic plants. It is difficult to walk in the primeval forest, the tourists not to a man walked into the forest.
( 2) dangerous animals. The snake is the traveling accident in the most vulnerable and most readily encountered in small animals. In order to prevent the bite by the snake in the grass, forest dense local tourism, the best to wear trousers socks, hats or visor, his best with a crutch or with a bamboo pole, the grass snake can whip out. Tourism has encountered the snake, the best way is to calm to deal with, don't panic, not running, also ignore it, as long as you don't hurt it, leave it, can live together peacefully. If a snake bites, don't worry, to be calm, if not to do strenuous exercise, not immediately dangerous to life. To actively carry out the disposal, first ligation wound upper limb, do not use the mouth to drug fluid, with gas liquid in the mouth. Hand side extrusion wound, a water flushing, snake powder coating to the wound site, sent to the hospital for further processing speed.
Snake other than beasts, in the tourism scenic area occasionally encountered rarely encountered, don't panic, quietly away from it, in general these animals rarely take the initiative to attack people.

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