Su Xun garden Memorial
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    Three su yuan scenic area located at Jia 23 km northwest of the county "small emei mountain", here are the ruzhou Jia city when the song dynasty Taiwan XiangShang jun, riley here was the song dynasty writer su shi, su zhe two big brother's bones and his father of SuXun headgear. 1963 the people's government of the province of henan province as the first batch of key units of cultural relics protection, and in June, 2006, promotion for the national key units of cultural relics protection, October was identified as the national AAA traveling scenic area, November is as a "national top county tourism brand scenic spot". Three su yuan scenic area mainly by the lake, a wide summarizing temple, three Sue temple, three Sue life story summarizing exhibition hall, BeiLin summarizing, middle-aged cloth statue, JinWa yingbin road, Su zhong na couple tomb, kissing the tomb and three Sue cemetery, and other attractions composition.
     In 1969, the discovery of farmland water production by water SuZhongNa couple of push aside tomb, excavated epitaph top write "marketing... October 5, dark, were buried the ruzhou Jia city on the first Ying riley southeast xun yu......" (SuZhongNa is the SuZheZhi by SuXueJie expert textual research, and the three Sue was buried Jia fact.
     With people heavy, 900 years after three SuYuan with waste, after many repair, three Sue ghost always looks out of heaven and earth, ever and endless period. Three Sue father and son Jia city with people already feeling muscles as sisters, inseparable, Jia city fathers in glory, for all Mr Jia city to embrace Mr Model for all. We will promote "three Sue" culture for the purpose, and vigorously develop the tourism resources and make "three Sue" step out of the country and into the world, that "three Sue" bury ground jiaxian tomorrow will be better!

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